ADMISSION MADE EASY: Today I am going to be giving you tips on how to get easy admission into any course and university of choice in Nigeria.

We all know that in Nigeria today getting admission into university, especially the University of Choice has been a bone of contention to many of our students today.

These have been due to the underlying fact that many Nigerian students (university aspirants) are after some particular universities.

And not only they’re after some kind of particular universities they are also aspiring to read same particular kind of courses in these same universities.

Thereby making the admission requirements of these universities in Nigeria, too high for these students, this makes it hard for only few to be admitted in these universities of choice.

But that’s not the reason why these students are not admitted into the University of their Choice.

So what’s the reason why they are not admitted?

Well…like I said before am going to be teaching you the tips and tricks on how to get easy admission into any course and university of choice in Nigeria.

So let’s get started.

  • Choose a lowerNon competitive course
  • change of course to favorite course
  • University transfer

Other alternatives:

  • Supplementary Admission
  • Jupeb program

Choose a Lower Non Competitive Course

By now you must have been getting ready to do your jamb registration.

And I already know that you have a choice of university that has been in your mind before now.

And I also know that you have already chosen a course of study before now.

But I will advise you to choose a course; the lowest course in that university of choice that isn’t competitive.

For example:

Let’s just say you are a science student and you want to study engineering, in the university of Nigeria nsukka (UNN).

Now all you need to do is look for and choose a lower course like crop science or agricultural extension.

We’re just assuming those two are two of the major lower courses that aren’t competitive in university of Nigeria nsukka (UNN)

So the advantages of doing this are that:

It gives you a better chance of been admitted as soon as possible.

It also reduces your first year stress in school. Or rather first semester of your first year depending on your next action.

And finally, it brings you closer to the course of your choice.

This brings us close into our second step Course change.

Change of Course to Favourite

Now that you have gotten admission in the university of your choice it’s time to get admitted into the course of your choice.

So how do you go about doing this?

There are two ways you can do this, and they are:

  • Application for change of course
  • Application for Deployment

Application for change of course

This method of getting admitted into your main desired course is usually done after you must have been through with your first year examinations (first and second semester).

Only then you can apply for change of course admission.

Note: getting admission into your main course through this method can be dependent on your first year performance.

So for you to get admitted through this method without any problem, your first and second semester result must be good.

In other words your cumulative grade point must be at least CGP 3.500.

This is not that hard to get as a first year student if you work pretty hard and smart.

Application for Deployment

In here you need to apply for deployment.

Another pretty cool, smart and easy way of getting changed from one course to another as already admitted student of any Nigerian university is to apply for deployment.

And the reason why I said that this is a pretty cool way is:

You don’t need to write any examination.

And you don’t have to complete your first year before you apply for it.

That is, you can only apply for it during your first years’ first semester. as soon as you are admitted into the school.

And how do you apply?

You can apply for the deployment by purchasing a deployment form from the university approved bank.

Then fill it and submit together with some little registration which is done together with it.

NOTE: you will not be notified whenever your course is changed but you will see a change your school admission portal profile.

Showing a change in the course you are newly admitted in.

University transfer

You must have heard about university transfer.

And I want to tell you today that it’s real and it’s working.

Presently one of my friends did it and it worked perfectly well.

And it’s a matter of transferring from state university to federal university into a competitive medical course (pharmacy).

This was the same course she applied for two years at a stretch in the same federal university and she did not get it.

Now she has gotten it through university transfer.

Not only that she got their through university transfer, she continued from 200 level which was the level she was when she applied for university transfer.

And I know that you too can do it.

So how can you go about doing this?

Firstly think about a second choice university which you would apply for if you happen not to get admitted into your first choice university.

Here is what I mean by this…


Let’s say that your dream choice of university is university of Nigeria and your choice of course is pharmacy.

And your second choice is Enugu state university of science and technology (Esut) if you happen not to get admitted into your first choice university.

And we all know that pharmacy in university of Nigeria is more competitive when been compared to that of Enugu state university of science and technology together with many other universities in Nigeria.

So once you have figured out these, all you need to do is these:

Register your second desired choice of university as your first choice in jamb examination.

Also, make sure you register your desired course.

Then try your possible best to be secure an admission into your desired course in this university.

This is going to be easy because there is less competition.

After you might have secured the admission…

Then read the course for two straight years.

Finally you are free to apply for university transfer admission into your main desired university and definitely in your choice of course.

But also remember you that your cumulative grade point will be something that is not below 3.00 – 3.500 depending on your course of study.

JUPEB Program

What is jupeb program?

According to ijmb guide:

JUPEB is a National Examination body saddled with the responsibility of conducting examinations for students, who have undergone approved subject combinations and are seeking Direct Entry admissions into Nigerian universities.


JUPEB is an A’Level program you run to qualify for admission into a university 200level without JAMB. The process of running a JUPEB program is as simple as, apply for JUPEB, get admitted, run the program for one session, seat for exam and pass. Them, apply for direct entry into any university of your choice the following year.

Each JUPEB candidate must register, sit for Examinations and satisfy the Board in three subjects and a General Studies course relevant to the proposed course in any of the universities.

 The program has been one of the interesting and easy ways of getting admission into the University of Your choice in Nigeria.

The only difference is that sometimes it cost much money when been compared to other methods listed and above but certainly you will gain an admission.

JUPEB Admission Requirements:

The only known requirement for the jupeb is O’level result and nothing more.

JUPEB Registration Requirements:

  • Jupeb form (gotten from the universities designated sale places)
  • A passport photograph
  • O’level Result
  • Birth Certificate

How you can get your universities jupeb form.

Every university usually makes sure that the general public is aware once their jupeb form is released.

Supplementary Admission

The last but not the list is the supplementary.

This is an examination which usually follows after a university is done with their post-utme.

And if you wrote are among those that wrote a post-utme and did not get admission, I must tell you that with this examination you have upper hand of getting admission into your desired university.

Once you apply for the supplementary examination just like the others.

But mean while admission is not 100% guaranteed just like the other methods.


Every year, more than 1.5million students write UTME while less than 500,000 are admitted into one program or the other.

Above one million applicants do remain without provisional Admission from their preferred institutions. This has been so for a very long time because of the competition/number of people writing JAMB

ijmb guide

Which brought me to the reason why embarked on writing this article “how to get easy admission into any course and university of choice in Nigeria”.

Because I wouldn’t want you to be a victim of lack of admission

And I hope you learnt something big here.

So if you have any question or something to add you can do that by leaving a comment below.

I’d like to hear from you soon.


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