some good business you can engage in as a student in any Nigerian university.

In our today’s post am going to be sharing with you as a student by putting you through with some good business you can engage in as a student in any Nigerian university.

We all know that been broke is one of the worst things that can happen to you as a student especially as a student in a Nigerian university.

And I know you can relate with that awkward situation of been broke as a student which might have been the reason you are compelled to read these, except if your father is the famous aliko dangote…….LOL or even bill gate of which I know that won’t be bothered to read this post  

So without wasting much of your precious time let me walk you through with this business you can engage in as a student in Nigeria to avoid been broke.

There are two categories of business any student in Nigeria can engage in, depending on the nature of their course.

These categories of business are

Online business and

Offline business

So before I go ahead in the explanation of these two businesses I want you to have these in mind. And that is, the offline business depends on the course studied by individual and sometimes the amount of money at hand while the online business part depends on only the individual’s course of study.

You might want to ask why it is so. Okay I can understand how inquisitive you are now…… lets’ continue to the explanation of these two businesses as I help you understand why it is like so.

Online business

Online business as the name implies, is networking business which usually starts and finishes in the internet without getting to know owner or even the customer.

Advantages of online business

The advantage of this category of business is that you will spend little to nothing much trying to start one….. In order words it is known to be cost effective.

Another great advantage of this business is that it can be started by anybody anywhere and at anytime, that is. It is not meant only for the students; any other person can join the business.

Types of online business you can start

These online businesses are:

Affiliate marketing

Sell of physical product

Sell of digital product (e.g helpful information).




These refer to the referring or rather helping a company or an individual to sell their online product or services in other to gain a percentage from it at the end of every successful business.

One great thing about been an affiliate marketer is that it does not require any technicalities in order to start, all you need to do is to find the affiliate programmes that is suitable for you.

And also it can be done by the use of smart phone, tablet or even laptop.


There are so many affiliate programmes you can join as a beginner, but in here am just going to mention a few which will also be more profitable to you.

They are:

Qservers affiliate

Bet9ja affiliate

Jumia affiliate

Aliexpress affiliate

Konga affiliate

Bluehost affiliate

Dobbia affiliate

Fiverr affiliate

Amazon affiliate

Like I said before there so many other programmes which I did not mention here, but you can go for further research on google if you don’t like the above listed programmes.


All you need to do for you to join any of these affiliate programmes is to visit the company web affiliate programme page on their website.

Sign up by filling some forms in that page, once you are through with the signup you will be issued a link which you will use for the promotion of their product or services.

You can start promoting your links to once someone clicks your affiliate link and take action boom!! Money will be credited in your affiliate account without time wasting.

Where can I promote those links?

You can promote your affiliate link with through the following places








Google adword

YouTube advert



Affiliate marketing has been a game changer for many in so many year, and I know it can also be yours too only if you believe and determine because money does not come as quick as you think………it takes time but it must surely come.


These still remains another awesome way of making money in the internet.

The is the act of compiling and selling of helpful information online such as courses and books in order to make money from it.

Example of these is just like the one my first book friend who is a writer did.

What he did is that he wrote a book he titled the attractive man….attractive man was book that teaches men about how to be the kind of man any woman will want to be with, the book only has two hundred

On the very first day Gerald published that book online he made thousands of naira just only that day without any form of paid advert….. Its’ amazing right? Yes I know it is.

But can you guess why Gerald made that kind of money on that very first day? I know you can’t even if  I leave you to think about it from now till next year you can’t come up with any reasonable answer…….but anyways I will tell you the reason why.


One of the reasons Gerald made such a huge amount of money on that very first is the approach he took.

What was the approach he took?

Gerald as a reasonable entrepreneur firstly understood what his facebook friends which is also his clients truly needs.

Secondly Gerald used an outstanding persuasive write up which I call ad copy to make sure that ignite the fire that made them to wait tirelessly until the book is published.

Then lastly Gerald is a good writer. Hope you grab the real gist now

And I probably know you can do better than Gerald dike in these. Only all you need to do is find a topic that people wants to talk about and are really interested in and compile a book or course about it. It might be a story or any other information related thing that people are so furious to lay their hand and eyes on.

Selling of physical product

This is usually considered as a combo of both online and offline business. It is a process of marketing your goods in the internet and gets it shipped to the consumer as soon as it bought.

But in this case of physical product you don’t just sell anything because it is consumable….you only sells niche specific highly needed products.

So how will you know a highly needed product?

You can know those products that are highly demanded by doing what is called product research.

so there are many product research tools which can help you do this research….in other words you don’t need to stress yourself much all you need to do is search for the keyword product research tool on Google and you will see a lot of tools you can use for your research then you can pick one of them and begin from there.

Product advert and selling

The best place to sell your product without having to spend nothing much is through social media groups and forums like nairaland, facebook and other related social networks.


 Blogging is so popular and I know you might have heard of blogging.

So what is blogging?

Blogging can be referred to as the writing of online journal which we do call blog post. And a person that blogs for living is called a blogger

For some people its’ just a way of expressing their self’s and also a way of making their voice heard by communicating with the world through writing.

Blogging as far as I know is one of the easiest ways of making money out of the World Wide Web. Only if you can patient enough to see it happens by doing the needful in it.

What is these needful am talking about?

These needful am talking about that is always needed to be done as blogger is nothing but putting out an awesome content your readers out there.

All you need to do to get started is just to get a paid host with some few dollars/naira or better still if don’t have much money you can start with, by creating a free blog using or

Then after you are done creating your blog as you like you can start writing your blog post on the topic you are most passionate. Because that is the only way you can last long and kill boredom in blogging.

Ways to make money through blogging

Note: if you are using a free blog version you need to stay at least six months before you can start making decent money through blogging. Because Google wants to know how serious you are in blogging.

So let’s continue:

Google Ad sense

One of the first and the easiest ways to monetize your blog while blogging, is to signup for Google ad sense.

Google adsense is a programme created by Google in other to help publishers/blog owners earn while blogging

So therefore Google adsense is usually the first step every beginner in the blogging world must take when their blog has reached the eligibility state of monetization.

Paid advert

Another way of making money from blogging is by helping people advertise their product or services direct in your blog in exchange to get paid by them.


Blogging is the coolest and the fastest way of making money online without much stress. And with blogging you can do all of these online businesses at once without panic.

you can also read about what makes nigeria bloggers make little to nothing blogging

So therefore blogging is the most outstanding way of making money online only if you can be patient to build it .


Vlogging as it name says is just a short form of video blogging, which requires only video. Example of these is the videos you see on YouTube. Many people are been paid daily for those videos whenever you enter and click to watch any of the YouTube videos which is eligible for monetization.

So you can also create a YouTube account and join

All you need to do is create videos from scratch and upload it on your YouTube account then promote it.

You can only be eligible for monetization of your YouTube account when your videos reach four thousand watch hours’ views plus one thousand subscribers.

Offline business

These deals with the physical day by day business we do with people we see and sometimes know.

Offline business many at times requires money and skills for start ups in order to run the business perfectly otherwise you will get nothing much from it.


There are several types of offline business you can engage yourself but the ones am going to list here are the ones that is mostly needed by students in the campus.

So if you think online business is not your class of business, here are some types of offline you can join as a student to keep out of been broke.


You must have heard of the makeup business.

Its’ a cool business which you get paid whenever you do a makeover on any girls face, these is usually demanded during the matriculation period and also ordinary days.


You can go pick all the course material for each semester and photocopy and start selling to your colleagues. Also can also do it for other class because these days nobody ones to suffer in getting anything.


Like I said before nobody wants to suffer so all you need to do is to offer them (the students) a helping hand in the registration of their course and get them to pay you by doing so.


If you skilled in barbing, you can go ahead to open a barbing saloon in the campus where you can barb the students and even lecturers to make your money.


Tailoring as you may want to know is a good way of making from the students while you go to school also. Students are always in need of tailors to mend their cloths for them and during matriculation the year one students also go in search of a good tailor to sew their cloths.

So if you have the sewing skill and your sewing machine around the campus you can start making money from it.


You  can start selling your own product as a student or better still if you don’t have your own product you can better still help others market their own product get your own percentage.


Web design is also another way of making money online by helping people design their website.

also with you as a student having the knowledge of programming and web design you can you’re your fellow students to do their assignment and project and get paid.


Here you have it the business you can engage in as a Nigerian student to avoid been broke…….hope you learnt much from it.

Now my advice

As a Nigerian student you really need to have something doing in other to help yourself and your sponsor except you in the medical college.

But getting something to do as a student do make sure you remember your primary aim of going to school (university) in the first place.

Now it’s your turn

Leave a comment by telling me what business you will start.

But if you have already started you can also leave a comment by telling me what business is that.


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