Course Registration What You Need to know

Course Registration What You Need to know

In getting ready for your semester examination as a student of Enugu state university of science and technology (Esut) or a student of any other university you can think of, one of the meaningful steps you need to take to ensure that your result will be out when it is been released by the lecturers is course registration.

And as student that you are one of the greatest challenges you can ever face in any university especially in Enugu state university of science and technology is missing result.

It is very frustrating and I have once experienced that as a student….even sometimes you feel like crying other times you feel like you are not going to graduate with your mate.

And one of the key things that always contribute to this missing script is always course registration.

And also another known factor that causes it is wrong course registration, but this factor is not well known to many.

So due to this underlying factor I decided create head to head steps on how to do your course registration in Esut.

But before I jump into teaching you these steps I want you to know this. Always make sure that you make proper enquires and verification on these following few things about your course before going ahead to do the registration.

They are:

  • Name of the course
  • Course code and course title

Also always report to your school ICT whenever you have issues in your course registration for them to help you out on time before your semester examination starts.

So for you to do your Esut course registration here is the steps you need take in order to do it well


  1. Login to your Esut portal
  2. Click on course registration
  3. Click on register course in the drop down
  4. Cross check your courses and click on submit if it’s complete.

Note: if you course seems to be incomplete you can click on add course which is located in the upper part of the course registration box, make your choice and click add for the course to be added and you can also borrow course through the borrow course link in the course registration box.

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