List of Good cybercafé in Esut Agbani |Freshers Guide

A guide to cybercafé in Esut Agbani.

Are you a newly admitted (freshers) student in Esut who’s department is located at Agbani campus? You are searching for a good cybercafe in esut where you can print, photocopy do any work relating to the internet?

Well, you don’t need to go further in searching cause in this post today, I will be giving you helping you with some of the list of cybercafe in Esut agbani together with a detailed description on how to reach them.

Remember, this information am about to share with you in this post, is also applied to non-esut student who also aspire to be a student of esut and are planning to write their upcoming esut post utme.

These esut cybercafe can help you register your post utme without you stressing yourself by just a call and your money provided.

Furthermore, this cybercafe can help you during your final year project and seminar. Including many other things as a student of esut.

So, without wasting much of your time let’s delve into our topic of today.

Here is some of the list of cybercafés in esut Agbani.

Simple café concept (SCC):

Simple café concept is cyber café located in esut Agbani campus.

Simple café concept is cyber café located in esut Agbani campus.

Simple café concept is owned and managed by Okoye chinaza a guy popularly known by his nickname simple. he is a student of enugu state university of science and technology (esut) from the department of agricultural economics and extension. He is fare in complexion. You can reach him with the following phone numbers: 08059763858 and 07037831625.

Lilian’s Cybercafe:

Lilian’s cybercafé is a cybercafé owned by a lady called Lilian.

She is dark in complexion and chubby. Lillian can handle every academic computer operation you would want her to handle for you perfectly well, this include your jamb exam registration and also final year project.

You can contact her with this number: 08164554522

Ifeoma cybercafé:

Ifeoma cybercafe like the name implies is cybercafe owned by Ifeoma.

Just like the others, her is good cybercafe located inside the school (esut). The owner is a light skin girl with average height. You can as well reach her with this phone number: 07013292957.

Helen cybercafé

The last but not the least cybercafé is Helen cybercafé. Also, a good cybercafe with quality and speedy service for every work you want to do. You reach her through this phone number: 09023211310

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