esut development fee

The Enugu state university of science and technology (esut) development fee is now part of the school fees for newly admitted student of the school.

Just a few weeks after the resumption of a new academic session in esut. The registrar, academic board of Enugu States University of science and technology (esut), passed a memorandum to the student of the school over a new fee (development fee), which was introduced in the schools’ statutory fee. as stated by the registrar this fee was introduced as part of the all time compulsory payments which should be made by every newly admitted students of the school along side with the school fees.

According to the memorandum which was passed by the esut registrar, the development fee is suppose to take effect starting from the year 2019/2020 academic session, and from there, continues for other years to come.

below is the table for the list of esut development fee to be paid by all newly admitted student of esut.

esut development fee list

How To Pay ESUT Development Levy Of 50,000

  1. log on to esut portal 
  2. Scroll down to the Regular Students Section
  3. Sundry Fee
  4. Student Related Fee
  5. Select Development Fee
  6. Enter your details
  7. Proceed to generate development fee invoice
  8. Make payment at any available bank and keep your invoice and payment slip intact.

will the Esut Development Fee Be paid Every Semester or Once?

the development fee is expected to be paid once as soon as you’re admitted into the school. So, if you’re among the newly admitted student of enugu state university of science and technology who have paid the development fee, then you don’t need to bother yourself anymore.

Here is the quote for the memorandum from Enugu state university of science and technology (Esut).

From the schools’ registrar:

The university community is hereby notified that the development levy is part of the statutory fees approved by the university, taking effect from 2019/2020

By this notice, students who have not paid this fee are advised to kindly login to, click on sundry fees to generate the necessary invoice and proceed to the school designated banks to complete their payments.

For clarity of emphasis, concerned students who fail to comply with the forgoing would consequently will be denied access to all university services including exams.

Deans of faculties, faculty officers and heads of departments are expected to bring this information to the attention of the students and ensure full compliance.


Leonard .O. Kharma


Cc: vice chancellor

Other principal officers

Provost College of medicine

Deans and directors

Heads of departments

Deputy registrar (Records)

Deputy registrar (council)

PAR (exams)

PAR (Admission)

PAR (Senate)

PAR (Establishment)

To all notice boards.Enugu state university of science and technology

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