Herdsmen raped and mudered a pregnant woman.

herdsmen of fulani

just ealier this morning been the 22nd of august 2019, a dead body of a pregnant woman who was claimed to have been raped and murdered by an unknown herdsmen of fulanis’. was found at a farmland in a village called Ntchatancha nike in emene, located at the East council of Enugu state.

according to an eye witnesses who are also a resident of ntchatancha nike.

it was said that the pregnant woman who was claimed to have been murdered by unknown herdsmen. went visit her farmland on the 21 of August 2019 to do some work .

as she was arriving to her farmland she noticed that the herdsmens’ cattle were in pest mode, destroying her crops.

so she courageously tried to confront the herdsmen of the fulanis’ for them to help stop there cattle from destroying her crops.

unfortunately for her, as she was confronting them she got raped and murdered by the unknown fulani herdsmen.

but however the governor of the state by name ifeanyi ugwuanyi and other stakeholders also came to confirm the incident.

meanwhile they promised the people of ntchatancha community that they must find those killers and they must be brought to justice.

Below is the video of what happened between the police and the people of Ntchatancha. before the arrival of the state governor, ifeanyi ugwuanyi. and just after the pregnant womans’ dead body where found right inside her Farmland.


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