Reasons Why many Nigerian Bloggers Don’t Make Much Money Blogging.

Despite the fact that blogging has been one of the lucrative business in Nigeria and the world at large in recent years, with many bloggers showing off the thousands of dollars and pounds they have made through blogging which sounds amazing.

Meanwhile as this bloggers are showing off the money they made through blogging, there are others who get tired and frustrated everyday because they make little to nothing out of this same blogging their by quitting.

Then you might want to ask why it is like that?

Well, in our today’s post we are going to be talking about the reasons why many BLOGGERS make little to nothing blogging.



The number one reason why many do quit blogging at early stage is mind set.

Many bloggers starteda get rich quick scheme, So what this mind set does to them is that it lives them thinking if blogging is really worth it.  Thereby after writing one or two post on their blog they will be like “gosh this is not working”

 Little did they know that blogging is like any other business where you need to work before you talk about earning any reasonable cash.

And the work I mean here in it is producing fresh, new and good content on your blog.


Some bloggers I know are too lazy to be called bloggers.

There are bloggers who just love owing a blog but don’t actually know what to blog about neither do they have the strength to write a blog post, instead they prefer to copy and paste other people’s blog content to their own blog.

What this does to their blog, is that it invites Google’s hatred towards such blog and also changes visitors’ mindset towards the particular blog.

When all this happens to that blog at the end of the day you will find out that their blog will lose so much credibility and trustworthy towards blog visitors and Google.


This part is linked to the above reason I just mentioned “lazy blogging”.

Many today’s bloggers are not serious and consistent in blogging.

 What I mean by this is that many bloggers do publish a content in their blog once in a blue moon.

And what this does to their blog is that it discourages their blog visitors and readers from visiting their blog on a regular basis because there is no new content to read, thereby making them lose their visitors to other blogs.


This has been a trick mostly used by today’s bloggers In the quest for gaining visitors and traffic to their blog.

Example of this is like that of get rich quick blog site where you are promised quick money only for you to get scammed.

Another example of this, is like that of the one I came across in a particular blog recently whereby the title of the shared post is saying a different thing entirely from the blog post itself.

It is a cool, real tricky way of getting visitors and traffic to you blog.

But here is the gist real gist, that trick is also an amazing way of losing that same blog visitors, traffic, increasing bounce rate and most of all credibility of your blog.

However if care is not taking Google can penalize your site causing you to lose everything you have ever worked for.


Recent research made showed that newbie’s in the blogging society lack blogging basics.

Lacking these basics can make you blog for many years without your blog getting recognized or noticed by anybody.

 Another thing it does is that it can also make you to get little to nothing as income, of which can lead to your frustration, causing you to quit blogging.

So in order to avoid this as mistake as blogger, there are basic concepts you need to learn and understand fully before starting up a blog in order to enjoy blogging.

These blogging basics are:

How to choose the perfect domain name for your blog

tips for choosing a niche that you will enjoy and last long in

trick for write a blog post that people want to read

search engine optimization

Basic ways of promoting and building backlinks to your blog post without paying money for ads.

when you know all this I just mentioned, it means you are good to start.


Do you really have passion for blogging?

What really attracted you to blogging the first heard of it.

did you start blogging just because you heard that blogger makes a lot of cash?

These are the key questions I do ask the people I help make a living through blogging.

I want you to note this when there is no passion there won’t be much positive action.

Want am trying to let you know is that you can’t go far in blogging if you don’t have passion for it.

So for you to make a living and excel through blogging you need to fall in love with it as a whole especially the topic you are blogging about. Instead of blogging just to make money.


Here comes the end of my post reasons.

why bloggers make little to nothing while blogging.

 Meanwhile if you are a blogger a blogger who really wants to make a living  through blogging.

this are the simple blogging habits and mistakes you need to avoid in order to make a living through it and also last long in it .

But on the off chance you are still repeating this mistakes just bear in mind

that you are going nowhere with it.

Now leave a comment by telling me other reasons why many bloggers make little to nothing throughout their career as bloggers.

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