Why You Need to Pay Your School fees on Time in the university

Do you know that paying your school fees on time can keep you away from unnecessary academic trouble till you graduate from school?

school fees

Do you also know that late payment of session school fees has stopped many students’ in Nigerian Universities from graduating when they’re supposed to graduate?

I know you might now be asking how is it possible.

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No need to ask, because Today am going to be talking about an important matter which I would want you to get acquainted with, which is Why You Need to Pay Your School fees on Time in the university.

In the post you will understand how possible it is for all these problems to occur and also you will get to understand the importance of paying your school fees on time.

So, lets’ get started…

Below are the importance and Why You Need to Pay Your School fees on Time in the university

Important Reasons Why You Need to Pay Your School fees on Time in the university 

  • It helps students to see their semester result as soon as it is out: late payment of session school fees can give you an automatic missing script in your semester results.

and in case you don’t know and haven’t heard yet, missing script at times leads to automatic carry over no matter how good you think you have written in your exams. And carry over means you’re going to rewrite it the following year.

But if you try your possible best to pay it on time will won’t notice anything like missing script until you graduate.

  • Saves you from paying extra fee: paying your school fee on time will always save you from paying extra fee.

So, if you’re the type that don’t like over spending, I will always urge you to make your school fee payment on time, if possible before the resumption of every session.

  • It Serves as Clearance Requirements: for you to be a complete student of a particular university in Nigeria and get your registration number as newly admitted student, you will be required by the university management of your university to provide some credentials of which your school fees payment receipt will be among them.

And without you providing these you will not be able to fully registered, therefore Making you half student of the institution you’re newly admitted in.

Furthermore, school fees also play an important role during final year of every students. It also serves as a one of the clearance requirements a student needs to graduate from any higher institution in Nigeria and in the world at large.

And this means that if you’re owing an outstanding dept you will not graduate.

  • Pass ticket on the exam day: in some higher institutions of learning (university) in Nigeria, school fee receipt is usually a pass ticket on the examination day, without this school fees receipt just know that exams is not for you.

And if you happen to be in any of the institutions you need to be careful by trying your best to pay your school fees on time or else you will going to be missing a lot of your semester exams.

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